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How to Order


You can order up to 7 days before your medication is due and please allow two full working days for your prescription to be processed and signed by a GP. If you are ordering earlier than 7 days before your medication is due, please include a valid reason or your prescription may not be issued. All prescriptions will be sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy. If you do not have a nominated pharmacy please advise us where you would like your prescription to be sent when you order.

There are a couple of different ways to order your repeat medication.


You can order your medication at any time of the day and night using the NHS App on your phone or smart device. To find out more and download the NHS App please visit the NHS App webpage

Repeat Prescription Order Line

Please call us on 0191 2625252 to and follow the menu options to access our repeat prescription answerphone service and leave us a message. The order line is available 24/7.

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